Acmos: English version

ACMOS, born in 1999, is a non-religious and non-partisan association of Turin (Italy). Its aim is to promote and encourage civic participation of young people in their environment, thus contributing to the spread of the values and the practices of active citizenship. Its work is based on the active involvement of young people, on the promotion of their cultural and social development and on non formal education as a vehicle for social inclusion and respect for differences.



The association grew up from the reflections of a group of young people with different experiences of volunteering and social engagement, willing to commit themselves in the promotion of solidarity and justice, participation and accountability, to overcome the logic of perceive themselves and be perceived as spectators or mere consumers.


Today Acmos is active mainly in Turin and its Province. It now has more than 150 associates and a wide net of collaborations in Piedmont and all over Italy.


Acmos main interests are:
-Educational activities: Acmos develops and realizes projects on citizenship education and justice in 30 high schools and 50 primary schools in Piedmont.
-Communities: Acmos promotes social housing projects in 4 different contexts in Turin’s area. Three of them are located within council accommodations in difficult contexts, where Acmos’ young educators promote emancipation and collaboration. The forth community, named Casa Acmos, provides spaces for students to experiment paths of community life and to reduce consumption.
-Acmos is part of Libera, a national net of associations against mafias. Acmos manages three structures confiscated to mafia: Cascina Caccia in San Sebastiano da Po, Cascina Arzilla in Volvera and the Performing Media Lab in Turin.
-Research activities: Acmos research center contributes to the realizations of the association’s projects, initiatives, public seminars.
-Media Education activities: Acmos manages a web platform ( which collect articles and contributions on social ideas. The Performing Media Lab elaborates new communication strategies to be used in social media and social networks.
-Bootcamps: from 1999 Acmos manages with various partners a summer camp in Boves (CN), which involves every year over 100 young people, contributing to laboratories on citizenship.
-European citizenship education and European projects: acmos has promoted and has been involved in several European projects (Erasmus+ and Europe for citizens) to share reflections and practices on education and democracy with other countries. The association also manages a national education project on European citizenship that involves schools stundents in different Italian cities.